Het Krullen Boek (The Curls Book)

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Het Krullenboek (In Dutch) is a must-have for anyone with minimal curl in their hair, a big bunch of little curls and everything in between.

Have you been putting all kinds of stuff in your hair and are you still one big ball of fluff? Or maybe you are someone who already pays quite some attention to their curls, but you still run into certain things?

Then "Het Krullenboek" is for you.

Step by step you will be taken into the world of healthy curls, also called the 'CG Method'.
You'll learn about your own hair, which products are right for you (and why), and you'll learn different ways to style your curls so they dry up frizz-free and in their natural shape.
Most importantly, learn what your hair needs to become healthy (again) so that it will naturally shine again.

Do you suffer from lint? Do you suffer from itching? Are your curls sagging? Would you like to get started with ingredients from your own kitchen? This book is the answer to all your questions... and more.

Written by: Saskia Idema

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