About us

It can be a quest to find the right products for your curls. That is why we do the search for you.

We test all products and check the ingredient list. This way you can be sure that the products you buy are of high quality and that they comply with The Curly Girl Method.

The curly girl method is suitable for waves, curls and coils. For him and her. Curly Girl Friendly has an extensive range to meet the needs of all curls, whether that's a shampoo, leave-in or gel.

We believe that avoiding "bad" ingredients such as silicones, drying alcohol, parabens and sulfates, among others, improves hair health. Healthy hair is the basis of beautiful curls.

Curly Girl Friendly was founded in 2019 by Charel Sanches to make finding quality curl products easier. Charel knows better than anyone how difficult it is to find products that comply with the curly girl method and also do what they are supposed to do. That is why there is a strict check before products are added to the range. They must not only comply with the curly girl method, but also actually get the best out of your hair. Your curls deserve the best there is.

From now on, frizzy, unmanageable curls are a thing of the past. We help you to leave the house with radiant curls and to wear your curls with pride. It's more than a forest on your head, it's your identity. Show it, rock it, love it!

Your curls will thank you!

PS. If you want to know your curl- & hair type, do the CURL QUIZ.

Still have questions or need advice? Tap the Whatsapp icon to chat or send us an email at info@curlygirlfriendly.nl